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  • Upper Deck Baseball Cards  v.1.0Upper Deck Baseball Cards toolbar for Internet Explorer. Here you'll find many Upper Deck baseball cards for sale from rookie cards to complete sets. We search our networks on a daily basis to bring you the best deals on Upper Deck baseball cards to ...
  • Card Collector Deck Builder for Windows  v.2.1Card Collector Deck Builder for Windows 2.1 offers users an expert and ultimate Software tool for managing cards and decks used in collectable card gamesMajor Features:Manage All of Your Cards in As Many Decks as You WantExplore Theme Decks and New ...
  • Double Deck Pinochle  v.4.144 hand,double deck, No pass game. Review of deal, Sound on/off, Save game for play later, name players, game to 350 or 500 points, Review on/off, Supports Meld Bids, Hints, Won/lost record, Very competitive play. Shareware version has 25 game limit.
  • Secure the Deck  v.1.0Secure the Deck is an action game for free.
  • Virtual Deck Of Cards  v.1.1Some of our specialty card games include, Spades, Black Jack (with a card counter), Gin, Tetricon Poker and other games.However we are also introducing our Virtual Deck. Now you can make your own card games. Plus we give you bonus games like checkers ...
  • MyPHP Deck Builder  v.1.0MyPHP Deck Builder is in it's infancy, but one it is completed, it will provide a way for users to visually build and edit M:TG Decks. Decks built with this application can be used with the awesome Linux M:TG app Mindless Automaton, or Apprentice.
  • MTG Deck Editor  v.1.0A deck builder for Magic: The Gathering trading card game.
  • Ultimate Deck Builder  v.1.0Ultimate Deck Builder is a deck builder for trading card games. Although primarily designed for building Yu-gi-oh decks, this program can be easily adapted to other TCGs.
  • In-UFS Deck Builder  v.1.0in-UFS Deck Builder is software for Fantasy Flight Games popular CCG, Universal Fighting System. It includes a current block card search and a deck builder.
  • Deck Cipher  v. Visual Basic implementation of Bruce Schneier's Solitaire Encryption Algorithm that encrypts plain text by means of a deck of ordinary playing cards.
  • Deck control  v.1.0This is a controller for RS-422 devices.
  • Golf Solitaire (2 Deck)  v.1.0Two Deck Golf Solitaire, a freeware solitaire card game for the PC.
  • Card Deck  v.2A digital flash card program to aid in the study of any subject. You are able create and edit your own cards. These cards can then be saved to a file and reopened for studying. Cards can be edited and added to a saved file.
  • Paraben's Deck of Cards  v.2.1Try this collection of over 400 solitare card games and see just how far your patience will run. Play all the classics like Freecell, Golf, Spider, Klondike, and Yukon plus dozens of original solitaire games. Choose your cards, backgrounds, and more.
  • Virtual Deck  v.2.0.0Play any card game on internet, you are free to play anything! Call your friends, choose a game, select the necessary cards, number of decks and start to ...
  • Glass Flight Deck  v.1.0A windows based program which offers all the gauges for an airplane via the network. It includes all navigation displays and a flight management computer with autopilot. All types of aircraft will be dealt with from Airbus to Boeing. All gauges are ...
  • Stacked Deck  v.1.0A story-driven 3D side-scrolling game about the lives of thirteen vigilantes under attack from their past.
  • Command & Conquer: Deck Fight  v.1.0Command & Conquer card game in Tiberium universe. It will have similar game play like Yu Gi Oh: Yugi the Destiny but with some improvements. Game is using Irrlicht engine. And in final version will be moddable and will include theme and card editor.
  • Magic Deck  v.1.0A Program for organising cards and constructing of card decks for trading card games such as Magic:the gathering.
  • Coach Tarot  v.1.0Coach Tarot is a “learn and test” educational tool for learning the meanings of the cards in the Rider Waite Deck used in tarot card readings. This flashcard software is a convenient tool for novices.
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